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Saturday, April 24, 2010

1623 Anne

The Anne sailed with the little James. They left from London, England and arrived in Plymouth between June-July of 1623. The captain was Master William Peirce. Many of the family memebers that did not sail on the Mayflower or the Fortune were aboard.

1. Annable, Anthony- From Cambridge, bound for Plymouth. Ref: All Mss. Par. Reg. 36 pg Settled in Scituate
2.Annable, Jane Momford, wife
3. Annable, Sarah, daughter
4. Annable, Hannah, daughter
5. Bangs, Edward
6. From Panfield, Essex, bound for Plymouth and Eastham. Ref: Banks Mss. 36 pg 50
7. Settled in Eastham
8. Bangs, Mrs. Lydia
9. Bangs, Jonathan
10. Bangs, John
11. Bartlett, Robert Possibly from Frampton, Dorsetshire, bound for Marblehead. Ref: Essex Antiq. 7/59 36 pg 33 Or from Wiltshire, bound for Chelmsford, & Woburn. NEGR 40/195 36 pg 182
12. Beckett, Mary Listed as Bucket
13. Brewster, Patience, dtr of Elder Brewster
14. Brewster, Fear, dtr of Elder Brewster
15. Clarke, Thomas
16. Conant, Christopher Grocer of Saint Lawrence, Jewry, London From Budleigh, Devonshire or St Lawrence, Jewry, London, bound for Plymouth. Ref: Pope. 36 pg 20 & 100
17. Conant, Roger and wife Sarah Conant (Sarah Horton)
18. Cooke, Mrs. Hester Mahieu Wife of Francis Cooke on the Mayflower
19. Cooke, Jacob Daughter Elizabeth born Plymouth 1647 4 pg 5
20. Dix, Anthony
21. Faunce John From Stow, Maris, Essex, bound for Plymouth. No ship listed. Ref Banks, Mass. 36 pg 52
22. Faunce, Manasseh From Stow, Maris, Essex, bound for Plymouth. No ship listed. Ref Banks, Mass. 36 pg 52
23. Flavel, Mrs. Elizabeth Wife of Thomas on the Fortune
24. Flood, Edmond
25. Fuller, Mrs. Bridget (Lee, Bridget) Wife of Samuel Fuller, the the physician on the Mayflower
26. Godbertson, Godbert Hat-maker of Leyden (aka Cutherbertson from Holland)
27. Godbertson, Sarah Allerton Vincent Priest
28. Previous wife of Dregory Priest on Mayflower who died first winter.
29. Godbertson, Samuel, son
30. Hatherly, Timothy Feltmaker of Saint Olaves, Southwark, Surrey
31. Heard, William
32. Hick(e)s, Mrs. Margaret Wife of Robert on the Fortune;
Phebe should also be listed here
33. Hicks, Samuel, son
34. Hicks, Lydia, daughter
35. Hilton, Mrs. ----, Wife of William who "had sent for them before his death."
36. Hilton, William, Jr., son
37. Hilton, Mary, daughter
38. Holman, Edward From Godstone, Surrey, bound for Plymouth. Ref: Banks Mss. 36 pg 167
39. Kempton, Manasseh From Colchester, Essex, bound for Plymouth. Ref: Burrage. 36 pg 43
40. Long, Robert
41. Mitchell, Experience From Eltisley, Cambridgeshire, bound for Plymouth. Ref: Banks, Mass. 36 pg 13
42. Morton George Listed on the Little James by the Planters. From Harworth, Nott. bound for Plymouth. Ref" Dexter. 36 pg 132 Brought along son Nathaniel and four other children.
43. Morton, Juliana Carpenter, wife Listed in "The Planters" as on the Little James
44. Morton, Nathanial, son of George Became Secretary of the Colony
45. Morton, John, son of George
46. Morton, Ephraim, son of George
47. Morton Patience, daughter of George
48. Morton, Sarah, daughter of George
49. Morton, Thomas, Jr.Son of Thomas who came on the Fortune
50. Newton, Mrs. Ellen
51. Oldham, John From Derby or St Stephens, London, bound for Plymouth. Ref: Banks, Mass. 36 pg 17 & 103
52. Oldham, Mrs., wife
53. Oldham, Lucretia, daughter
54. Palmer, Mrs. Frances Wife of William who came in the Fortune
55. Palmer, William, Jr., son
56. Penn, Christian, with Oldham group
57. Pierce, Abraham
58. Pratt, Joshua
59. Priest, Sarah Daughter of Dregory Priest and Sarah Priest-now-Godberston
60. Priest, Mary Daughter of Dregory Priest and Sarah Priest-now-Godberston
61. Rand, James
62. Rattliffe, Robert From "Knutsford?" bound for Plymouth. 36 pg 14
63. Rattliff, Mrs
64. Snow, Nicholas From Hoxton, Middlesex, bound for Plymouth. Ref: Banks Mss. 36 pg 111
65. Southworth, Mrs. Alice (Carpenter) Widow of Edward, with Mr. Snow, married Gov Bradford on the Mayflower
66. Southworth, Thomas, son, or brother of Edward (see note below)
67. Sprague, Francis Settled in Duxbury
68. Sprague, Anna, wife
69. Sprague, Mercy, daughter
70. Standish, Mrs. Barbara Second wife of Captain Standish
71. Tilden, Thomas From Wye, Kent, or Stephney, Middlesex, bound for Plymouth. Ref: Banks Mss. 36 pg 85 & 113
72. Tilden, Mrs. Ann?
73 Tilden child
74 Tracy, Stephen From Yarmouth, Norfolk, bound for Duxbury. Ref: Mayfl Desc. 10/143 36 pg 123
75. Tracy, Tryphosa, wife
76. Tracy, child
77. Wallen, Ralph
78. Wallen, Mrs. Joyce, wife
79. Warren, Mrs. Elizabeth Wife of Richard on the Mayflower
80. Warren, Mary, daughter
81. Warren, Elizabeth, daughter
82. Warren, Ann(e), daughter
83. Warren, Sarah, daughter
84. Warren, Abigail, daughter
85. Mr. Perce's two servants, Names not indicated, but may be above.

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  1. family is decendant from Ralph and Joyce Wallen!